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Role Playing Game Theory.

Earner and Spender
via Proof of Traffic, Audience & Fidelity Reward
No more GiveAways , Make them Work.
             No more Servitude , Make them Pay.

Here at TrafficSV , we propose a Unique Concept
Based On = Proof of Traffic from Audience for One

and  Proof of Reward  for the other One.

You can  have 1 KYC account ,
Up to 2 character , one of each class.
1 wallet that Yield ,
            so you can spend your interest easily. 
or Earn More,


The two job class are the Earner and the Spender.
Free Market of P2P Advertising System.
each Token Bought by Spender, got Minted by Earner.
Spender get Viewed by Buy&Using Minted Token from Peer.

Character  gain levels and chose Bonus Skill ; as puzzle difficulty & mining reward , or add chance on prize roulette.
Each Character can equip 1 N.T.F per Level Up or 5 slots.
NTF are rare and give light or big Bonus & can be sold in the Market.

The City , will be the only Middle Man, just to operate the game mechanic, distribute prize, and gain dust fees for further development, expanding and covering cost for onchain settlement.
There is leveling base system to create competition and advancement into the each playing Roles..

Spender =  Buy minted token from Earner on market with $BSV , to RAISE chance to have their image selected in the puzzle.
More Holding Token , more Chance to Win being View against other Spender.
Token are Burnt once Used ; Can't be sold back.
Your Avatar/Profile Picture will be the Image Displayed.

= spend Time on completing & Viewing Advertisement byFilling up Puzzle ; I'm not a robot / CAPTCHA , with background image of the Spender.He will gain , 1 exp + 1 freshly mint token that he must go sell on the Market for his Paid Check.

Player Info/Stats


N.T.F Slots


the Minting Roulette

Generous Referral Bonus System.

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